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Written by Jeffrey Snyder

Jeffrey Snyder - Guitar/Vocals
Tom Infande - Drums/Bass
Jon "Steel Wolf" Markson - Vocals

Recorded by Tom Infande

Mixed and mastered by Jon Markson (
at The Gallery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Released on Doctor and Mechanic Recordings. (

Artwork by Katrina Snyder


The stale taste of Listerine
The sour smell that never leaves
Another dizzy change in speed
A slight review of trajectory

When I'm let down
Then I'll just sound
Like the bitter friends that we all hang around
They give us their perspective, so profound

And I'll just breath, the water covers me
Inside the steam, the water cleanses me

But soon i'll drown

Now I'm backed up
Against a wall
The options that are offered just won't do
A mixture of solutions, I can't choose

And you'll just stare, surprisingly aware
of all you do, their actions trouble you

Back against the wall and i'm ready to spill
all my guts and secrets anything you want
Take a look at all my deepest parts
Adding to the list of imitations i thought
were subtle sinking signals to the ship that i came from
All the lives i live just fall apart

the sinking sound

Unending sweat
a pile of debt
The shady scummy shoppers that we've met
the deals and the bargains they expect

(i'm the sole survivor in a terrible crash
i'm the hidden fiber i'm a DNA match
i'm the benefactor man, i'm terribly rich
i'm trapped inside a paper bag they'll find in a ditch)

(you only get so far with your hands on the floor
you're only as tough as your bedroom door
the moment you're asleep you consumed by you're dreams
you're only as adventurous as people believe)


released September 24, 2013



all rights reserved


animalight Orlando, Florida

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